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A message from Lyle about Motet on the Mesa

Motet friends and lovers!  The summer is in full swing and so is the funk.  It’s been so amazing to see so much of our music family at these incredible festivals, but now it’s time to bring our family to us!!  The inaugural MOTET ON THE MESA is just a few days away, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring some of our favorite bands/people together in one of the most special places we know, Taos.  The level of love and talent will be exploding out of Taos Mesa Brewing, from the music, and from YOU!  There are still some tickets left, and you don’t want to sleep on this experience.  It’s going to be momentous, and it won’t be the same without you.
If you don’t already know, let me school you on some of these badass bands:
Non-Stop, Undeniable Crushers.  There are no words that can fully describe the level of talent this duo has.  Adam Deitch and Borham Lee are masters of their craft, and in Break Science, their craft is making you dance!!  Their prolific passion emanates through their music and is so contagious in their live show.  We can’t wait to dance with you as they close Night 1!
These are our boys!!!  These Colorado crushers are EXPLODING on the scene, and for very good reason.  All we can say is, you’re about to dance!!  What a party these guys throw, and what a party it’s going to be when they hit the stage.  It’s been too long since we shared a stage with these incredible humans, and you better believe there will be some special moments when it happens!
I was lucky enough to join these Houston All Stars on their latest record, and good god is it amazing!!  Their warm and caring souls shine through their music in such an incredible way.  From the moment you step into their show you’re welcomed, knowing immediately that this journey will be one taken together, as family.  Led by absolute powerhouse Kam Franklin, the top shelf talent of this group is insane.  If you don’t know, you better learn today.
Holy hot bologna Batman, these boys can PLAY!  They hit hard, play tough, and make sure you always get enough.  They’ve been a band since they were teenagers, and you can tell by the unbelievable chemistry they have both on and off stage.  You feel like you’re part of the family because of it, ready to be transported the moment they step on stage.  There couldn’t be a better closer to this festival, and we can’t wait to get down to them and celebrate the weekend with you.
Funky, fresh, flavor-filled fun is what you get with Organ Freeman.  From their name, you know they aren’t afraid to be playful, and their music is just that.  Their pocket is deeper than JNCO jeans, and their love and talent are a lighthouse directing you to a damn good time.  Day 2 is going to start in style with this crew and you!
If you haven’t heard MM yet, then Happy Birthday to YOU!  This is one of our favorite bands on the rise in Colorado, and for very good reason.  “Lake Street Dive’s Moody Little Sister” will lift you up, and take you down as they please through hooks of gold and masterful songwriting.  Megan Letts is a star in the making, and the band behind her shines just as bright.  We know it too well that we couldn’t have a better opener to our festival.
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